Executive Leadership

Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson
President and CEO
James Burling, Vice President for Litigation
James S. Burling
Vice President for Litigation
John Groen
John M. Groen
Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Chad Wilcox  Chief Operating Officer
Chad Wilcox
Chief Operating Officer


Senior Attorneys

J. David Breemer, Principal Attorney
J. David Breemer
Deborah La Fetra
Deborah J. La Fetra

Anthony L. François
Anthony L. François

Todd Gaziano
Todd F. Gaziano
Washington, D.C., Center
Brian Hodges
Brian T. Hodges
Northwest Center
M. Reed Hopper, Principal Attorney
M. Reed Hopper
Northwest Center
Meriem Hubbard
Meriem L. Hubbard

Mark Miller
Mark Miller
Atlantic Center
Larry G. Salzman, Orange, CA
Larry Salzman
Damien Schiff
Damien M. Schiff
Joshua Thompson
Joshua P. Thompson


Staff Attorneys

Ethan Blevins
Ethan W. Blevins
Northwest Center

Anastasia Boden
Anastasia P. Boden

Oliver Dunford
Oliver Dunford

Wen Fa
Wencong Fa

Christina M. Martin, Orange, CA
Christina M. Martin
Atlantic Center
Jeff McCoy
Jeffrey W. McCoy

Robert H. Thomas
Robert H. Thomas
Jonathan Wood
Jonathan Wood
DC Center

College of Public Interest Law Attorneys

Robert K. Fountain
Robert K. Fountain
Johanna Talcott
Johanna B. Talcott
Jeremy Talcott
Jeremy Talcott
Caleb Trotter
Caleb R. Trotter

Legal Administration and Support

Eileen Dutra, Legal Resources Manager
Eileen Dutra
Legal Resources Manager
Brien Bartels, Legal Secretary
Brien Bartels
Legal Secretary, Northwest Center
Patricia Castillo, Legal Secretary
Patricia Castillo
Legal Secretary
Owen Clark  Legal Secretary
Owen Clark
Legal Secretary
Tawnda Elling, Legal Secretary
Tawnda Elling
Legal Secretary
Kiren Mathews, Paralegal
Kiren Mathews
Paula Puccio
Paula Puccio
Paralegal, Atlantic Center
Elizabeth Rojas, Legal Support
Elizabeth Rojas
Legal Support
Barbara Siebert, Funding Support
Barbara Siebert
Legal Secretary

Law Clerks

Kasey Ashford
Kasey Ashford

Paige Gilliard
Paige Gilliard

David Jadon
David Jadon
Atlantic Center
Tyler Kubik
Tyler Kubik
DC Center
James Schultz
James Schultz

Hope Steffensen
Hope Steffensen
Ben Stormes
Ben Stormes

Mollie Williams, Paralegal
Mollie Williams


Communications and Public Affairs

Robert Krauter
Robert L. Krauter
Chief Communications
Collin Callahan, Media Research Associate
Collin B. Callahan
Media Associate
Kevin DesOrmeaux, Office & Administrative Support Manager
Kevin M. Desormeaux

Digital Content Manager
Brian Feulner  Creative Director
Brian P. Feulner
Creative Director
Harold Johnson
Harold E. Johnson
Director of Communications
Patty Lee, Communications Support
Patty Lee
Communications Administrative Assistant
Kate Pomeroy, Media Officer and Research Associate
Kate A. Pomeroy
Media Director
DC Center


Douglas R. Kruse, Regional Director of Development, Atlantic Center
Doug Kruse
Senior Director of Development
John Cameron, Counselor to the President
John A. Cameron
Development Officer
Ashley D. Indrieri,Foundation Relations Officer
Ashley D. Indrieri
Foundation Relations Officer
James G. Katzinski, Regional Director of Development
James G. Katzinski
Regional Director of Development
Northwest Center
Director of Planned Giving
Jenny Rohde, Funding Support
Jennifer L. Rohde
Special Events Coordinator
Daniel Sheahan, Counselor to the President
Daniel P. Sheahan
Development Researcher
 Celeste Silveira, Staff Accountant
Celeste Silveira
Funding Administrative Assistant
Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson
Funding Administrative Assistant
Bob L. Vice, Senior Advisor to the Board of Trustees
Bob L. Vice
Senior Advisor to
Board of Trustees


Linda Hellekson, Office & Administrative Support Manager
Linda L. Hellekson
Director of Administration
Dawn Gonzales, HR Manager
Dawn R. Gonzales
Director of Human Resources
Connie M. Lugo, Director of Information Systems
Connie M. Lugo
Director of Information Systems
 Ryan Boggs, Staff Accountant
Ryan Boggs
Controller, Financial Management
 Amy Burns, Staff Accountant
Amy Burns
Mail Clerk
 Sam Chang, Staff Accountant
Sam Chang
IT Manager
  Kay Gonzalez  Accounting/Data Entry Clerk
Kay A. Gonzalez
IT Specialist
Caroline Gray-Klahr  Accounting/Data Entry Clerk
Carol Gray-Klahr
Database Specialist
Sylvia Harr
Sylvia A. Harr
Administrative Resources Assistant
 Thang Lee, Staff Accountant
Thang Lee
Staff Accountant
 Monica Rodriquez, Staff Accountant
Monica Rodriquez
Administrative Assistant

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"Most people wouldn't stick it out, and since PLF is litigating for principle, we have to thank PLF for doing what they do."
Trevor Burrus, Research Fellow at CATO Institute

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"PLF allowed me to keep operating my business, even in the midst of a crisis. My business means the world to me and my family - PLF saved it for us. Thank you."
R.J. Bruner, Wildcat Moving Co.

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"A 20 year battle is over, thanks to Pacific Legal Foundation.  My father would be proud. Thank you PLF for your support."
Coy Jr. and Linda Koontz

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"For PLF, it's not a job - it's a passion. You can feel very good about how well your money is used in support of the programs they have."
Dr. Robert S. Pepper

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"Individuals for whom a major case is a one shot deal are far more aggrieved. Most individuals cannot afford to do anything with that grievance, and that's where organizations like PLF come in."

Professor Steven Eagle, George Mason School of Law

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