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Make a stock gift to PLF

Gifts of appreciated stocks or mutual fund shares that have appreciated can have an immediate impact on Pacific Legal Foundation's program while creating a favorable income tax deduction for you. This can be verified by discussing with your financial and tax advisors.  To avoid exposure to capital gains tax, the stock must be transferred to Pacific Legal Foundation.  We then sell the stock from our account.

Electronic Transfer

The simplest way to make a gift of stock is to contact your broker and electronically transfer the stock from your account to our account at UBS Financial Services.  Follow these simple steps:

    • Call Pacific Legal Foundation at 1-800-847-7719 or use our wire transfer instructions to inform your broker that you would like to make a gift of stock.
    • Provide your broker with the information below:
UBS AG/ UBS Financial Services
Name: UBS AG, New Jersey
Contacts: Jonathan Bolter, Senior Vice President or Tricia Hawkins, Senior Wealth Strategy Associate
Address: Weehawken, NJ 07086
Phone: 1-(844) 233-8684
Fax: 1-(855) 420-5472
DTC: #0221
Further Credit: Pacific Legal Foundation,  KS06671
Tax ID#: 94-2197343


Please ask your broker to let us know when the transfer has been made so that we may acknowledge your generosity:

PLF contact:
Chad Wilcox
(916) 419-7111

Stock Certificates

It is preferable to transfer stock electronically. However, if you want to mail PLF a stock certificate, please follow these steps or contact PLF for details at 1-800-847-7719  or by e-mail:

    • Endorse the stock certificate
    • Sign and print the Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power
    • Mail the stock certificate and the transfer form separately to: Pacific Legal Foundation Attention: Chad Wilcox, Chief Operating Officer 930 G Street Sacramento, CA 95814


PLF is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that relies solely on the tax-deductible support of its members. PLF Tax ID: #94-2197343.


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"Most people wouldn't stick it out, and since PLF is litigating for principle, we have to thank PLF for doing what they do."
Trevor Burrus, Research Fellow at CATO Institute

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"PLF allowed me to keep operating my business, even in the midst of a crisis. My business means the world to me and my family - PLF saved it for us. Thank you."
R.J. Bruner, Wildcat Moving Co.

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"A 20 year battle is over, thanks to Pacific Legal Foundation.  My father would be proud. Thank you PLF for your support."
Coy Jr. and Linda Koontz

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"Individuals for whom a major case is a one shot deal are far more aggrieved. Most individuals cannot afford to do anything with that grievance, and that's where organizations like PLF come in."

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