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September 18, 2013

Stand with PLF — against Obamacare!

PLF's lawsuit can pull the plug on Obamacare and its toxic taxes

Obamacare — the so-called Affordable Care Act — is barreling down the tracks like a clattering, smoke-belching freight train.

At the beginning of October, the “health insurance exchanges” will launch, and on January 1, the “individual mandate” — forcing Americans to buy government-dictated insurance or pay a tax to the feds — kicks in.

But if you think the fight against this regulatory monstrosity is over and done — and lost — we have good news: YOU’RE WRONG!

With apologies to John Paul Jones, Pacific Legal Foundation has only begun to fight! And we’re aiming to take down Obamacare lock, stock, and barrel! Our lawsuit targets Obamacare for raising taxes unconstitutionally — but we believe a victory will mean the entire law must fall.

Watch PLF Principal Attorney Paul J. Beard II explain how we’re prepared to battle all the way to the Supreme Court against Obamacare’s constitutional quackery.

We’re challenging the whole law, and it’s not too late!

PLF’s lawsuit — Sissel v. U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services — is now before the federal appellate court in Washington, D.C. It’s the only legal challenge that hones in, laser-like, on Obamacare’s most glaring violation of the Constitution: It imposes immense new taxes — more than $500 billion over the next decade, including the individual mandate — but it wasn’t passed the way the Constitution demands for new taxation.

Instead of starting in the House, as the Constitution requires, Obamacare was launched in the Senate through a procedural gimmick by Majority Leader Harry Reid.

We have every last provision of the law in our sights. Some lawsuits nibble at narrow parts. PLF is taking on Obamacare in its entirety. We’re challenging the individual mandate, but it’s so central to the law that we’re asking the courts to send all of Obamacare to the round file.

It’s not too late to slam the brakes on the Obamacare freight train.Even though Obamacare’s regulations are already starting to take effect, the courts still have a duty to hold the law accountable to the Constitution. PLF has a powerful legal case, and victory must mean that Obamacare should be nullified, even if parts or all of it have already come online. The fact that an illegal law is operating doesn’t make it any less illegal — and subject to being struck down!

Background on our case, including PLF’s pleadings, a detailed litigation backgrounder, video, and a podcast, may be found at PLF’s website: www.pacificlegal.org.

PLF Podcast Now PlayingPLF's lawsuit over Obamacare's illegally enacted taxes could bring down the entire law. Listen to this PLF Podcast to find out more.

PLF’s client, Matt Sissel, thanks you for standing with him!

Our client in challenging Obamacare is Matt Sissel, a small business owner and decorated veteran. We represent Matt free of charge — thanks to the generosity of PLF’s supporters.

“I’m concerned about Congress ignoring the Constitution’s rules for enacting taxes, and about Obamacare’s attacks on freedom,” said Matt. “I am very grateful to PLF — and PLF’s donors — for allowing me to stand up against Obamacare and in defense of liberty.”

Take big government to court
Join our campaign! Enlist with Matt Sissel to stop Obamacare!

You’re Needed in the ER

PLF’s challenge of Obamacare faces an uphill battle. That’s the nature of our pro-freedom litigation. We take the difficult cases because of their opportunity to set legal precedents and to protect our Constitution.

PLF is prepared to fight this dangerous unconstitutional mandate all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. As with all of our clients, PLF litigates free of charge to protect not only Matt Sissel’s fundamental freedoms, but the freedoms of all Americans. That means the real muscle behind our Obamacare challenge must come from determined, passionate citizens like you.

Americans like you who are willing to take a stand with PLF and Matt, are the power behind our lawsuit. They’re the same citizens who have propelled PLF to the Supreme Court to win seven consecutive victories.

Stand with Matt Sissel and Pacific Legal Foundation. Stand up for our Constitution.

THANK YOU to our supporters for standing with PLF — and Matt Sissel — in this fight! PLEASE DONATE GENEROUSLY so PLF can keep “Rescuing Liberty” for this generation — and those to come!

Rob Rivett
Pacific Legal Foundation

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