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August 14, 2013

Obamacare backers: Not so fast

Affordable Care Act critics and supporters are raising concerns on Obamacare

They’re coming out of the woodwork: critics of the Affordable Care Act. Even those who strongly supported its passage are now raising serious concerns about Obamacare. Some of the nation’s most powerful unions think it may be too strong a medicine for their members and the future of the 40-hour work week.

Why is criticism rising? One reason is the giant wheels of the massive government takeover of our healthcare system are set to engage on October 1, 2013 as health care exchanges — a core element of Obamacare — begin to roll forward.

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Another Supreme Court showdown?

Concern is coming from all flanks, including the nation’s courts. As reported in the August 1, 2013 edition of Bloomberg Businessweek, the scores of lawsuits targeting Obamacare are “making another high court showdown all but inevitable and raising the possibility that some provisions in the health care overhaul could be dismantled.” Reporter Greg Stohr’s article gives the legal landscape for the Obamacare challenges, including Pacific Legal Foundation’s lawsuit on behalf of Iowa small business owner and former Iraq War vet Matt Sissel.

Our lawsuit, now on appeal in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, goes to the very heart of Obamacare — challenging the law’s tax penalty as a violation of the Origination Clause.

Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court characterized the individual mandate, the charge for people who don’t purchase health insurance — as an exercise of the federal taxing authority. That holding opened the way for PLF’s legal assault: PLF’s lawsuit argues Obamacare was introduced in the wrong house of Congress. It started in the Senate even though the Constitution’s “Origination Clause” (Article I, Section 7) requires that taxes start in the House.

Take big government to court
Join our campaign! Enlist with Matt Sissel to stop Obamacare!

You’re Needed in the ER

PLF’s challenge of Obamacare faces an uphill battle. That’s the nature of our pro-freedom litigation. We take the difficult cases because of their opportunity to set legal precedents and to protect our Constitution.

PLF is prepared to fight this dangerous unconstitutional mandate all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. As with all of our clients, PLF litigates free of charge to protect not only Matt Sissel’s fundamental freedoms, but the freedoms of all Americans. That means the real muscle behind our Obamacare challenge must come from determined, passionate citizens like you.

Americans like you who are willing to take a stand with PLF and Matt, are the power behind our lawsuit. They’re the same citizens who have propelled PLF to the Supreme Court to win seven consecutive victories.

Stand with Matt Sissel and Pacific Legal Foundation. Stand up for our Constitution.

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Coming up next week . . . school bells are ringing!

It’s back to school in America! Pacific Legal Foundation will celebrate Back2SchoolChoice Week (August 19-23) with a series of blog posts, a podcast, and Sentry alert. All next week, we will present news, information, and PLF commentary on several education reform cases that safeguard the liberties and education choices of students and their parents. You can follow all of the week’s activities on the PLF Website, PLF Liberty Blog, and on social media.

Rob Rivett
Pacific Legal Foundation

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