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Contact: Todd Gaziano
Senior Fellow in Constitutional Law
Pacific Legal Foundation
(202) 465-8734
Kate A. Pomeroy
Media Director - DC Center
Pacific Legal Foundation
(202) 465-8733

Wall Street Journal spotlights PLF and Congressional Review Act

Washington, D.C.; April 19, 2017: This week, a Wall Street Journal editorial and a video interview at the Journal’s spotlight the Congressional Review Act (CRA), along with Pacific Legal Foundation’s role in promoting the use of that two-decade-old statute in a new and powerful way to roll back federal regulatory overreach.

Todd Gaziano
Senior Fellow in
Constitutional Law
DC Center

Kate Pomeroy
Media Director
DC Center

Both the editorial and the online interview focus on the work of Todd Gaziano, who, along with serving as Executive Director of PLF’s DC Center and Senior Fellow in Constitutional Law, head’s PLF’s “Red Tape Rollback” project – a multi-pronged campaign to promote informed and aggressive deployment of the CRA.

Enacted in 1996, the CRA requires newly enacted regulations to be submitted to Congress, and harmful rules can then be killed by a congressional resolution with the president’s signature. Gaziano helped draft the statute when serving as chief counsel to its sponsor, then-Rep. David M. McIntosh of Indiana.

After 20 years of limited use, the CRA has been rediscovered as an effective means to overturn the worst “midnight” regulations of the Obama Administration. Moreover, as noted in the Journal’s editorial and in Gaziano’s Opinion Journal interview, the law opens the potential for voiding hundreds if not thousands of older rules and guidance documents that were never submitted to Congress.

Already, President Trump has signed more than a dozen congressional resolutions rescinding destructive regulations – the most strategic use of the CRA since it was enacted in 1996.

PLF’s “Red Tape Rollback” project is a powerful educational resource for both lawmakers and the public, on employing the CRA to jettison oppressive federal dictates. One key goal is to identify the many regulations, going back to 1996, that bureaucrats illegally implemented without submitting them to Congress as required by the CRA. The website features an opportunity for visitors to “FIND UNREPORTED REGULATIONS,” with instructions on identifying regulations not listed in the GAO’s database of rules that were submitted to Congress.

PLF’s ‘Red Tape Rollback’ project boasts powerful allies

Underscoring the project’s significance, PLF has been joined by leading national public policy, legal, and research organizations as “founding partners” on the site and the larger project.

They currently include The Club for Growth, The Heritage Foundation, The Buckeye Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, and State Policy Network.

In addition, three Partner organizations have joined the effort: Cause of Action Institute, R Street Institute, and Independent Women’s Forum.

More on PLF’s Red Tape Rollback Project – including links to this week’s Wall Street Journal editorial and the Opinion Journal interview with Todd Gaziano – may be found at:, and at PLF’s website:

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