PLF on Andy Caldwell 4-20-17

PLF Senior Attorney Joshua Thompson joins Andy Caldwell to discuss how family owned Minerva Dairy can't sell its artisanal butters in the Dairy State because of Wisconsin’s anti-competitive, mass-commodity 'grading' requirements, and Joshua also provides an update in PLF's ongoing school choice, anti-discrimination case out of St. Louis, Missouri.


 PLF on Andy Caldwell 4-13-17

PLF Atlantic Center Attorney Christina Martin joins Andy to discuss PLF's threatening of a lawsuit over the feds’ failure to revise outdated golden parakeet regulations, and how the city of St. Pete Beach, Florida is unconstitutionally authorizing public trespassing.


 PLF on Andy Caldwell 4-6-17

PLF Attorney Jeremy Talcott joins Andy Caldwell to discuss how, for many, banning water hauling is banning development, and Jeremy discusses the affordable housing crisis in California.


 PLF on Andy Caldwell 3-30-17

PLF Senior Attorney Tony Francois joins Andy Caldwell to discuss the confirmation hearings for Neil Gorsuch, and PLF is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review the law establishing San Ramon’s facilities tax on property owners, because it violates First Amendment and Due Process rights by penalizing members of the public if they successfully repeal it.