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The Wade L. Hopping Institute for Private Property Rights

Wade L. Hopping
8/12/1931 - 8/11/2009

Pacific Legal Foundation is proud to announce the establishment of The Wade L. Hopping Institute for Private Property Rights at Pacific Legal Foundation’s Atlantic Center in Stuart, Florida. The Institute will serve to permanently commemorate Wade’s leadership, legislative advocacy and vigilant determination to win landmark court decisions that protect the right to own and use private property. Through the Institute PLF will apply new and considerable human and financial resources to litigate property rights cases that have the best chance at setting legal precedent; advance the Institute’s initiatives with focused communications, marketing and public outreach; and prepare new property rights attorneys to carry on this mission for the benefit of future generations of Americans. Read more about PLF's Atlantic Center and the cases we take.

Among the stated, and now realized, goals of WHI was the establishing of a pro bono network of experienced Florida land use attorneys that would serve as counsel to property owners requiring legal assistance to defend against property rights abuses at the trial or administrative level. No other existing Florida pro bono program targets assisting ordinary citizens in the defense of their property and economic rights. With the creation of the WHI Pro Bono Attorneys Network at PLF’s Atlantic Center, that need is being fulfilled. PLF’s Atlantic Center can now proudly say the WHI Pro Bono Attorneys Network is a reality, with several experienced law firms committed to provide their time, passion, and legal expertise in defense of liberty. We have already made several case referrals to the pro bono attorney volunteers. PLF’s Atlantic Center will be working to increase the number of volunteers to meet the ever increasing need to defend against governmental abuse of private property rights.