PLF Serves Notice to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


PLF's Director of Communications Harold Johnson hosts a discussion with PLF Atlantic Center Attorney Christina Martin about how federal officials have missed their legal deadline for acting on a petition to remove the golden parakeet from Endangered Species Act coverage. Therefore, PLF is serving notice on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that the agency will be sued if the foot-dragging continues.

“Regulators’ failure to act on the petition not only violates their legal duties and deadlines, it amounts to playing ostrich and ignores the encouraging, credible evidence of golden parakeet recovery,” said PLF attorney Christina Martin. “Even worse, the failure to free this bird from regulatory captivity is actually harmful to the species’ continued improvement. According to scholarship, one of the reasons why the golden parakeet is doing better is because private breeders are successfully breeding enough of the birds so that trapping is not a significant problem anymore. In other words, regulators are punishing the very people who are assisting in the preservation of the golden conure.”