Seeking a second opinion

Supreme Court is again asked to accept a key “wetlands” case.

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PLF wins landowners the right to challenge federal “wetlands” jurisdiction

8th circuit rules property owners have the legal right to bring a court challenge to such a regulatory determination.

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L.A School District violates charter school law

The California Supreme Court rules the district failed to give L.A charter schools enough space.

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CA. Supreme Court will hear suit over San Jose's new-housing penalty

"Inclusionary Housing Ordinance" imposes a significant penalty on the providers - and purchasers - of homes.

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PLF files opening brief in critical North Carolina beach takings case

PLF defends Emerald Isle beach homeowners against a "taking" by town officials.


PLF sues Feds for blocking thousands of recreational routes

The victims of the Plumas National Forest "fence-off" include all citizen users of public lands -  including the disabled.

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Big court win for charter schools in California

PLF Principal Attorney Joshua Thompson describes how the California Supreme Court has blocked a major school district from shortchanging charter schools in resources and facilities.

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In the Wall Street Journal....

The U.S. EPA and Army Corps of Engineers are attempting to extend the Clean Water Act (CWA) to cover virtually any wet spot in the country.


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CBS features PLF’s growler suit

CBS broadcasts a segment on PLF’s challenge to State of Florida’s ban on beer growlers.

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PLF Continues the Fight...

Stop Obamacare in the courts. PLF case: Sissel v. United States Department of Health & Human Services.

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Padlocking Our National Forests?

Pacific Legal Foundation is challenging the U.S. Forest Service’s closure of roads and trails in the Plumas National Forest under the 2005 Travel Management Rule, which will disproportionately impact motorized access by disabled citizens.

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