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CTIA - The Wireless Association

Government can't force businesses to "disclose" unsubstantiated theories with which they disagree

CTIA - The Wireless Association v. City and County of San Francisco

The City of San Francisco’s “Cell Phone Disclosure” Ordinance requires cellular phone retailers to put up posters in their stores, attach stickers to cell phone displays, and distribute “fact sheets” to customers, all of which advise consumers about the supposed risks of radio-frequency (RF) emissions.  Read more

Medina v. Hochberg

Courts shouldn't prescribe ill-defined, open-ended liability for healthcare providers

Medina v. Hochberg

Robert Riskind suffered from a brain tumor and related ailments, including seizures. His neurologist, Dr. Fred Hochberg, originally restricted Riskind from driving, but later lifted those restrictions after Riskind’s condition stabilized. Unfortunately, Riskind suffered a seizure while driving and struck Richard Medina, injuring his arm. Read more

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California courts undermine arbitration agreements in consumer contracts

Sanchez v. Valencia Holding Co., LLC

Does the Federal Arbitration Act, as interpreted in AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion, preempt state law rules invalidating mandatory arbitration provisions in a consumer contract as procedurally and substantively unconscionable? As amicus in this case, PLF argues that it does. Read more

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