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Established in 1973

Pacific Legal Foundation is the oldest and most successful public interest legal organization that fights for limited government, property rights, individual rights and a balanced approach to environmental protection.

Our Mission

Pacific Legal Foundation is devoted to a vision of individual freedom, responsible government, and color-blind justice. Like America's founders, we believe the blessings of liberty are beyond measure. And like them, we believe each generation must defend those blessings against government encroachment. Every day, PLF attorneys litigate to build a future of economic freedom and equal opportunity.

PLF's litigation focuses on three major projects: to defend the fundamental human right of private property; to promote sensible environmental policies that respect individual freedom and put people first; and to create a nation in which people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. In addition, PLF's Economic Liberty and Free Enterprise Projects are devoted to protecting the right to earn a living, and protect businesses against unfair burdens.

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Funding For PLF

Pacific Legal Foundation is a tax exempt, nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations of cash, property, and securities are tax deductible; tax identification number 94-2197343. In the past, up to 49 percent of PLF's contributions came from individuals. Another 27 percent was raised through foundations, and 24 percent coming from businesses and other organizations. Our donors make it possible to continue our fight in the courts, as our work never ends.

To preserve our independence, PLF accepts no government funding. A charitable gift to PLF is an investment in liberty for your family and friends in the years to come. We take our mission and our supporters seriously, and strive to put our donors' money to the most effective use in protecting Americans' constitutional rights.

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"A 20 year battle is over, thanks to Pacific Legal Foundation.  My father would be proud. Thank you PLF for your support."
Coy Jr. and Linda Koontz

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"For PLF, it's not a job - it's a passion. You can feel very good about how well your money is used in support of the progams they have."
Dr. Robert S. Pepper

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